“Call us today, outsource your tasks and make your life easier.”

Has your life become an overwhelming and never ending task list to endure?

Are you constantly racing against the clock to complete the items on your to-do list?

PhoneJoan Ltd was established in 2002 in order to help clients reclaim their time and create a lifestyle that enables them to spend time on their preferred activities. PhoneJoan offers professional and efficient services around Fleet, Hampshire and virtual, Personal Assistant services nationwide.

Girl with clock

“Not enough hours in the day?”

Don’t know where to start?

Allow PhoneJoan to reorganize, resolve and recommend. By delegating your least favourite tasks to PhoneJoan, you can trade your tasks for leisure time. Choose from our wide range of services, customized solutions to meet all your needs. Our consistent, high quality service has earned our reputation to source reliable suppliers, skilled craftsmen and tradesmen for every project.

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Window cleaning

We aim to simplify your home life by undertaking the tedious, time-consuming and tricky household tasks that stop you doing what you’d rather be doing.


We aim to take away the stress associated with work needed in the home and garden, by providing hands-on support for everything from small emergency repairs to major projects.


We can make sure the events in your life are celebrated in style. We can manage all aspects of your party, from the invitations to the thank-you cards.

Personal Assistant

We can provide high quality business support services, to allow you to focus on the tasks where you can add most value.

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