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PhoneJoan was established in 2002 by Joan Williamson. The popularity and success of the company has continually grown due to a high level of recommendation and many clients have been with the company since it began. Joan perfected her skills and experience in customer service whilst working in the computer industry for more than 20 years.

Time is such a valuable and precious commodity, lives are busier and ‘spare time’ has become increasingly scarce. People resent wasting time and spending it on a constant battle to meet the demands, pressures and responsibilities in life. Our aim is to make lives easier and allow our clients to achieve a better quality of life.

We help a diverse range of people e.g. busy executives, parents at home, elderly clients and those who work away from home. They all have at least two things in common; demanding lives and finding our friendly and professional service invaluable.

Our company ethos is to combine outstanding service, with consistent value for money. Clients pay a quarterly subscription fee, with individual services priced on a time or project related basis.

PhoneJoan is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Directory.

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Fleet News

PhoneJoan hit the front page of Fleet News in December 2002 when the benefits of our festive services were showcased

Joan’s at the end of the phone to take on the festive chores

WITH Christmas just around the corner, a Fleet woman is offering busy people a full festive service.

From ordering and collecting turkeys and trees and sorting out presents, cards and decorations, Joan Williamson does it all.

Her LifeStyle Management business PhoneJoan has really taken off since its launch in September.

“I take over the tasks that people are either too busy to do or simply don’t know how to do,” said Joan.

“Some of the things I have already done are getting locks changed, altering curtains and landscaping gardens.

“We’ve also just completed the first phase of an ongoing garden design project and have arranged regular domestic cleaning for several clients.

“The business is proving extremely valuable in today’s hectic society, as people are working more hours than ever before and just don’t have any spare time.

“Americans have been familiar with the concept for many years, but it’s only now that people in the UK are willing to allow someone to help them achieve the elusive ‘work-life balance’.

“LifeStyle Management is all about offloading those tiresome chores that eat into your scarce quality time, such as waiting in for the plumber, sorting out your car tax or finding a reliable cleaner.

“Clients find that once they have got someone else to carry out these tasks, they can relax and focus on the things that they want to do, like spending more time with the family, pampering themselves or working at reducing their golf handicap.”

Joan, who has more than 20 years’ experience as a customer service manager, spent many months researching before starting her business.
She now has a large database of contacts, including gardeners, house move specialists, decorators, household maintenance and personal computer experts she can call upon.

And those contacts came up trumps recently when a client telephoned Joan at 6.30 one evening to ask for his locks to be changed.

“We were able to obtain quotes and arrange to have the work completed by 10am the following morning, much to his delight,” said Joan.

Fleet News, Friday 13th December 2002

PhoneJoan was the subject of a feature article in the November 2004 edition of Prima Magazine.

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